Tiny House Gear

As part of a new series of videos, I will be reviewing “Tiny House Gear and Gadgets.” All of the products featured in this series will be gadgets that I use to enhance my lifestyle.

For my first review, I wanted to share my Tentsile tree tent, which I use as an extra bedroom and as a hammock for my yard. I get so many questions and compliments on this piece of gear. I adore this multi-use product!

Multi-purpose Tree Tent for a Tiny House spare bedroom

Outdoor space is very important when it comes to tiny house living. I use my tree tent as a hammock for relaxing, and as a spare bedroom for visitors. I also take it on camping trips. That means this piece of gear has tree seperate purposes in my life! Don’t you love multi-purpose gear?

Set up and other features

Setting it up is relatively easy, once you get the hang of it. Tentsile has a several videos on their YouTube channel explaining set up, balancing, insulating and other hacks. I actually think setting it up is half the fun. As long as you have trees, you can hang it anywhere! Go high, over water, or on a hillside. It doesn’t matter!

The Tree Tent version that I have is called the “Connect,” and it sleeps two comfortably. I’ve used it in rain storms, and it handled the weather just fine. The Connect packs relatively small, but it wouldn’t be a good choice for backpacking trips. Use the smaller tree tent by Tentsile, called the “Flite,” if you are looking for a lightweight alternative. Tentsile also makes larger tree tents for family camping.

On of my favorite feature is that the tree tent completely unzips, creating an open air hammock. It’s really nice to sleep under the stars when the weather is perfect!

I have to give this product a great review. I absolutely love it. In fact, my tree tent may actually get more compliments than my tiny house!


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